Tuckpointing Basics

Guide for Tuckpointing Contractors

Tuckpointing. You’ve been told you need it for a masonry structure on your home, but you don’t know what it is. We are here to define it today. Tuckpointing services are quite simple: they involve the process of repairing the mortar joints in a masonry wall. To make a long story short, old, crumbling mortar is scraped away to replace it with new mortar. While this job can theoretically be performed by a homeowner, this is best performed by a professional. They have lots of practice performing this repair and will be able to do it without damaging the surrounding masonry or themselves, and the repair will look flawless. If you are looking for an experienced tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, BART Tuckpointing Chicago is a place to call

Choosing reliable Tuckpointing Contractor in Chicago, IL

How do you know when to contact tuckpointing contractors Chicago trusts? Anytime that you see mortar cracking, crumbling, or falling out, find a trusted contractor! Damaged mortar may seem trivial, but it can suggest a more serious problem. If the structural integrity of your brick or stone structure is undermined, the repairs may be far more costly if left unremedied.

Tuckpointing in the Chicagoland area can be a little more challenging. You need to find a service with experience tuckpointing Chicago common bricks. While no longer manufactured, many structures still use them, and using the wrong mortar with them can be catastrophic. Chicago tuckpointing services are well-versed in distinguishing the different types of masonry used and the mortar that is necessary to make the repairs.


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