Cracking bricks?


Cracking brickwork in Chicago, IL

Did you know that Illinois is one of the states with the highest risk for earthquakes? While we may not experience major earthquakes on a regular basis, even a small tremor can send your brickwork into disarray and crack your mortar- especially on the historic buildings so prevalent in Chicago.

Bricks are getting loose

If your mortar breaks up due to earthquakes it can cause many problems aesthetically and structurally for your home depending on the extent of damage. Think of your brickwork as an ice-tray. When the mortar around your brickwork gets cracked or broken up, your bricks can become loose, falling out like ice in an ice-tray. Even if your brickwork isn’t loose it is important that you get any cracks in your mortar fixed immediately. With Chicago weather and impending winter, cracks in your brickwork can lead to moisture finding its way into your home, making the cracks bigger. As the cracks get bigger even more moisture sets in, becoming a breeding ground for mold, bugs and structural damage!

Masonry repair company in Chicago

Repairs are usually seamless if you use a mortar or masonry repair company that knows what they’re doing and you’ll likely not be able to spot where the damage was to begin with! For example, one of the greatest masonry contractors, that can take care of you masonry repair is Bart Tuckpointing Chicago. They are not only professional at their masonry services, but also very friendly to the customer. With a masonry contractor like this, your cracking bricks won’t be a problem!
If you are interested in repairing your masonry, you might also need to know how important it is to keep your roof in a good condition – all of this you can find on a fantastic blog.


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