Another Brick in the Chicago Wall

Few words of introduction – masonry, tuckpointing, brickwork

Hi there! I’d like to greet everyone reading this blog. I created it in order to share some of my knowledge and experiences about masonry. I have been working in masonry profession for years. This is a place where I’m going to share with you almost everything i know about masonry, tuckpointing & brickwork in Chicago.

Brickwork in Chicago

Brickwork is incredibly popular amongst the citizens of Chicago. When you are walking down the street, surrounded by the beautiful brick buildings, you can feel the power of this city. But as for every thing on earth, even beauty of those amazing buildings won’t last forever. That’s why it’s so important to know how to maintenance brick structures, so they will serve us for a longer time. Also, another great reason is obviously building a new one, but I’m sure you will not object when I say they don’t create this magical ambience, when you pass them by.

Masonry, Brickwork and the Tuckpointing – all in one

It’s only introduction, so I can’t take so much time and space, to teach you more about this profession, but I strongly believe, that if you follow frequently this blog, you will learn a totally new things about brickwork, masonry and tuckpointing services.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to taking a voice and writing to me. I believe your opinion and ideas are worth spreading and I would be delighted if you could lend a hand. Waiting for all of your messages! Text me also if you have any questions that should be answered.

Pass me the brick, let’s build this city together!


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