How To Clean a Brick Wall

How to clean an interior brick wall

The brickwork and brick walls are incredbily popular in Chicago. We can find it almost everywhere, especially in old parts of town. Nowadays more people decide to brick they interior walls, which looks great! Today we gonna give you some tips how to take a good care of brick wall inside the house.

Firstly, gather the things you will need. To make a cleaning liquid, mix mild detergent or dishwashing soap with table salt. You will also need a sponge or a cloth, and wire brusher.

Cleaning brick wall:

When you have your cleaning mixture ready, apply it on the brick wall with a sponge. Then brush it with wire brusher and let it settle it in the bricks for 10-15 minutes. Having that done, start to wiping off the brick wall with wet cloth or a sponge. Remember about wetting your sponge regulary and checking if you have removed the cleaning solution entirely! If after work you notice any dried cleaning mixture on the brick wall, use again wire brusher to scrubb it.

Hope you find this article useful. Stay tuned for more masonry & tuckpointing posts!


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