Stair Repair Chicago | Concrete Stair Repair Contractors

Stairs mistakes

Problem which i found when i was doing spring cleaning in my house was cracks in concrete external stairs. In that moment everybody is wondering about reason of creating cracks in concrete. There are several options. Basic mistake could be bad selection of concrete type for location of my building which is located near the lake. Washing the structure could actually be deadly for my stairs. The contractor of stairs, for my luck did his work properly, he armed them and laid on foundation benches. Thick rods have fulfilled their task ā€“ it was not reason of my problems. I was researching a lot of websites to find solution. It turned out that cracks are also caused because of atmospheric changes. Concrete is sensitive to weather changes and corrosion which I found at the railings of the stairs.

cracked concrete stairs

The company I believed

Finally I decided to do renovation of my house stairs. When I was searching concrete stair repair Chicago I meet good company. Guy which one came to visit my house made for me two different offers. Each of them was renovation my broken stairs, another one was idea to make new ones. As I did general renovation of elevation and changed roof, renovated stairs would not look great at all. The price difference was noticeable but it did not scare me out and I decided to do this move. The deal me made together in their office included precise action plan, list of materials and implementation time. Adviser was talking all good things about his company and installers and after all showed me their portfolio. Members of company came to my house by new car, three people started to delete old stairs. They were working very good and fast. The stairs their created was solid construction, they took care of every required detail ā€“ same as included in contract. Everything was done good, without extra costs.

concrete stair contractors during work


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