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My story with Voytec Tuckpointing Chicago sounds like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, I had a (bright) idea of improving my house’s looks. I loved these old buildings, made of un-varnished clay bricks but I haven’t intended to demolish whole house to make my desire come through. I settled for a brick veneer. What usually come to your mind are probably thin slices of clay, glued to the elevation like the decorative pieces in your kitchen or elsewhere. Actually, that’s not the case. You get the real wall, the only difference being that this one is only one layer (they call it wythe) thick. That was a bit of an introduction but I want you to get my point, which is that I had a real piece of brickwork over my house not some itsy-bitsy decoration. It looked great when it was new but after a while, it started deteriorating. I mean, the bricks themselves didn’t look that bad but old, cracked mortar was pretty awful.

clay bricks

Brand new look with tuckpointing Chicago

When I contacted with Voytec Tuckpointing Chicago, I explained the nature of my problem and that I wish there would be a solution that could save the bricks and deal only with mortar. Guys actually laughed. I was baffled and a bit offended (I’m a layperson after all) until they good-naturedly explained to me that I wasn’t expecting miracles. There was a service, they said, that addressed my problem perfectly well – mainly tuckpointing. Soon I learned firsthand, how the whole process looks like. Voytec’s masonry contractors quickly scraped part of old mortar and replaced it with a new one. I loved both their efficiency and results. At the moment my house looks as good as on the day veneer was installed. I can wholeheartedly recommend Voytec’s team for quality of their work and a sense of humor. Call this company if you need tuckpointing or waterproofing in Chicago.brick repair chicago


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