The Advantages Of Masonry Constructions

Masonry is a method of building that uses individual units of brick, concrete blocks, stone, or other materials as structural components. The masonry is then bound together with mortar, which is composed of sand and a binder such as cement or lime. The method has been used since ancient times, but what are the benefits of this material?

Masonry is a solid construction material with a long lifespan. Lime mortar in particular can last more than 500 years, whereas steel or reinforced concrete will last from 30 to 100 years depending on how it’s used and maintained. Masonry Chicago is weather resistant and suitable for many locations and projects. It can withstand extreme heat and storms, which makes it fire-resistant; other materials such as timber do not share this capability, so masonry is generally preferable. Masonry is also soundproof; it blocks out noise more efficiently than traditional timber structures.

Brick and stone are often used for their durability, resistance to weathering and ability to withstand earthquakes. They can be used as a veneer over a frame structure or as load-bearing walls without the need for painting. This method of building requires little maintenance once erected, and the use of local materials and labour creates an economically friendly project.


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