When it’s time to call siding contractors Schaumburg, IL

Your siding can tell you when it’s time to call siding contractors in Schaumburg. If you notice any of the following problems, it’s time to schedule an inspection:

Bubbling Or Blistered Siding – If your siding is exposed to excessive heat or moisture, bubbling and blistering are often the result. Call your siding contractor in Schaumburg.

Hail Damage – When a hail storm comes through the area, siding often becomes damaged. If you’ve noticed chips, dents, or cracks in the aftermath of a storm, your home could be at risk for moisture damage.

Dry Rot – That ugly stuff making your home look 20 years older than it really is? In the siding industry we call that dry rot and we recommend you do something about it. Dry rot is a type of fungus that can weaken your siding and eat away at the wood underneath.

Loose Siding – An inexperienced installer, wind damage, and old homes that are settling into their foundations are all causes of loose siding. Regardless of why your siding has become loose, it’s important to call a sidng contractor in Schaumburg to check it out.


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