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Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago gave Me a New-Look Building for My Business

I own a commercial property and the building is old but still structurally intact and solid. The trouble was, it looked its age and that gave my business a poor impression for anyone that came in or even passed by. So I called MT Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago. They assured me that they could rejuvenate the building and they even found a couple of issues that my untrained eye missed. We discussed a couple of options and they provided a detailed estimate before proceeding. Their masonry Chicago contractors got to work and it didn’t take long for them to completely restore the building. I was very impressed with the results and one of the business neighbors across the street noted that if he didn’t know what was happening, he would have thought I tore the building down are erected a new one! The whole process was excellent.

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Our Old House Was Given New Life through Great Masonry Work

Even though it has some quirks and we have to maintain it from time to time, we love our old house. Many projects we can handle ourselves but when it came to fixing some of the masonry issues, we called on the experts. Extreme Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago was at our home the day after we called and they inspected the problems with the bricks. There were issues around some of the windows and on the chimney but they assured us that it was nothing they hadn’t seen before. We discussed what could be done and when it could be completed and a short time later, they sent over their finest masonry contractors in Chicago. They worked quickly and they were able to completely repair the problems found. We loved their work ethic and everyone was so polite. If we have any other masonry issues, we will certainly call them again.

Raliable roofing companies


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