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How to improve house’s thermal comfort with siding installation

My house is pretty old. By itself, there is nothing wrong with that but on cold winter days (and nights) it tended to become a bit chilly. And no amount of heating was able to dispel that chill for long. My wife annoyed that we quite literally were burning our money, wanted me to do something about that. Browsing the internet, I learnt that the easiest way to do this was by installing siding over external walls. It meant of course extra spending, which didn’t sound very encouraging. I spoke with several siding companies in Naperville, discussing the merits of such solution. Each of them tried to convince us to their offer but actually only one went an extra mile to explain all of the details and show products they could deliver. It was All American Siding Contractors. That would be enough for me to seal the deal but my wife is much more discerning customer.

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Incomparable siding installation in Naperville

After learning about pros and cons of different products and seeing samples, my wife still weren’t completely convinced. Fortunately, All American Siding Contractors had one more ace up their sleeves. They showed us ‘before’ and ‘after ‘pictures of different properties and that proved a unique selling point. The houses with siding installed looked good. So good actually that my second half decided on James Hardie siding, which is more expensive than your average vinyl but at the same time better resembles solid wood and lasts longer. The whole deciding turned out to be the most time consuming stage of the whole undertaking. When guys got to work, they did everything so quickly I was amazed. Results and overall customer service are well worth the price and hassle. I can honestly say that I haven’t expected to find such an incomparable siding contractor in Naperville. Quality of work and materials used deserved highest praises.

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